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5 Easy Ways to Prevent Falls and Reclaim Your Balance

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Aging is the toughest thing you're ever going to do.  It helps to have a coach & community to help you along the way...    


You deserve to have a retirement filled with joy, confidence, and dignity. You deserve to travel, go to events with friends and family, and participate in your favorite hobbies like golf, gardening, walking, shopping and keeping up with your grandkids. 
Too many adults stop engaging in the life they want and end up sitting on the sidelines because they are embarrassed and fearful.  They are embarrassed that they "move like an old person" and can't keep up like they used to.  They live in fear of falling down because they know how easily they can get injured and how hard it can be to recover from a fall.
We have the power to take control and improve our strength & balance so we can engage in the life we want without being fearful.  The problem is, we don't always know where to start.  When you know what steps to follow, you can prevent and delay the effects of aging.  You deserve to enjoy a long, healthy, independent, and joyful retirement.  Let me show you how.

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 Client Testimonial

“Leah has worked with both of us and it was an honor and a pleasure.  She does an outstanding job with seniors and has a great ability to help them preserve their health and vitality while understanding any physical limitations they may have. She is a great listener, has patience, honesty, great communication skills, very professional, great personality and is highly educated and well-trained.”

Bobbi and Harold Stotland


Step 1

Soothe your aches & pains  

The first step to Living Lively is to Soothe our Aches and Pains because pain is all consuming.  It makes it tough to focus on anything and drains our energy.  Plus, if it is painful to move, we can’t go out and enjoy our friends and family or participate in our favorite activities. 

In Step 1 you will learn how to:

  • Soothe the aches and pains
  • Reduce muscle and joint stiffness
  • Boost your energy

Once we soothe the aches and pains in our joints, stop the muscle stiffness, and boost our energy, then we have the physical and mental capacity to begin working on stabilizing our balance & strengthening our body. 


Step 2

Stabilize to move with confidence.

The second step to Living Lively is to take control and improve our muscle strength and balance so we can stay independent, move with confidence, and enjoy a high quality of life. 

When you start losing your strength and balance, it is easy to stop participating in the activities you love and turn down social engagements because you are afraid of falling or are embarrassed about the way you look when you walk and move. 

In Step 2, you will learn how to:

  • Reduce your risk and fear of falling 
  • Strengthen your body so you can easily do every day activities
  • Stabilize and improve your balance so you can walk and move confidently
  • Create a personalized plan so if you end up on the ground, (by choice or not) you know exactly what to do to get back up

Step 3

Soar into the golden years of your life

The third step to Living Lively is to redefine retirement.  If you google, "retirement definition"  the definition that comes up is to give up, withdrawal from, and seclusion.  Similar words to retirement include: solitude, isolation, loneliness.  

We are living longer than ever so it is essential to redefine the definition of retirement.  This is often the most neglected step in a traditional fitness program but it is critical to increasing quality of life and bringing the joy in the later years of life.   

In Step 3, you will:

  • Get clarity on how your purpose and how you wish to spend your time during retirement
  • Explore how you can connect and contribute to your community
  • Continue to gain momentum with your physical health 
  • Reminisce about memorable moments and your share story to inspire others 

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This 12 week online coaching program teaches adults how to soothe away aches & pains, stabilize and strengthen the body to move with confidence, and soar into the golden years of life.  

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