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Want to reclaim your balance and be fearless as you go about your day-to-day activities?

Keep reading, this article is for you.

I've created a balance boosting system to help my clients stay fall free as they go about their day and I want to share one of the boosters with you today.

It is so simple and easy to implement.  You can start doing this immediately.


Ready? Here’s the booster: Look where you want to go.

Sounds simple, right? You have to look where you want to go because too many older adults look directly at the ground, and they're doing that because they're afraid of falling.

Their eyesight is not what it used to be, and so they look at the ground because it is a safety mechanism. They want to see what's directly in front of them. But there’s a huge problem with that.

Think about driving a car. You don't drive looking at the hood of your car, do you? If you did, you'd be in an accident pretty quickly. As you drive, you look out into the distance and you scan for various hazards. You scan to see, is the car in front of me braking? You scan to see, is there an object in the road?


It's the same thing when you're walking.

You want to scan and see what is in front of you. Now that doesn't mean that you can never look down.

You can absolutely look down. If something's coming up to you or if you need to step up onto a curb, that's a great example of when it's okay to look down.  

But here's the thing, our body goes where our head goes. So if you look down, your shoulders come forward and the chest collapses as your head started tilting towards the floor. That's typical.

When we look down our shoulders and back round forward, the problem is, that sets us up to fall forward if we do trip.

If you want to look down, that's fine, but you need to keep your chest and shoulders upright and just tilt down from the chin to look down at the ground. There’s a big difference between looking down from the neck and looking down from the head and shoulders.


So keep yourself safe. Remember, look where you want to go.

I always encourage my clients as they're practicing their balance to look at something that's eye level or higher because that's going to keep you in alignment from head to hip.

If you’re practicing your balance indoors, a great rule of thumb is to look where the wall and the ceiling meet if you're practicing just standing on one foot because you're looking out. You're staring at that spot. It's going to keep you upright and aligned, and you'll stay nice and tall.

So remember, while driving, you don't look at the hood of the car for good reason.  Same rules apply.

Stop looking down at all times, instead, look out into the distance just like you did when you were driving a car. As you walk, you want to look and scan and look where you want to go.


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