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The "golden years" of adulthood are defined by the time between retirement and age-imposed physical and cognitive decline.  Golden Oak Personal Training empowers adults who are in or are approaching the "golden years" of their life to stand tall and confidently engage in a longer, healthier life. 

You deserve to enjoy your retirement without having to sit on the sidelines. 

We're here to help you age well.

Let's take a moment...

to learn why Leah Seidel, Owner of Golden Oak Personal Training is so passionate about improving her client's quality of life through exercise. 


We know what it's like...

Remember the days you could walk tall, climb stairs, cross a street, and get off a low soft couch without thinking twice? Remember the days when you could jump into a sport or activity without properly warming up and not have any pain afterwards? 

We know what it's like to feel scared and embarrassed to ask for help getting off a couch and we know how defeating it can feel to say, "you guys go ahead, I just want to watch" when deep down you really want to join in. 


Learn how to stay injury free while actively engaging in your favorite hobbies such as: keeping up your Grandchildren, gardening, golfing, and hiking.

We are experts at helping adults enjoy a long, healthy, and active retirement. We’d love to hear your story and discuss how we can help you.

Gardening Together

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  • One on One Virtual Personal Training Session 45 minutes

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  • A 12 week online coaching course for seniors

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Client Testimonials

Real Experiences, Real Results


"Leah's expertise on all areas of fitness training is impressive.  Her classes are always inventive and enjoyable as well as a good workout.  She is always able to pinpoint individual problems and offer just the right set of corrective exercises.  She is an expert in her field, caring and a delight to work with."

John Clum



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Why virtual personal training?

When Covid-19 began, fitness businesses were forced to close. That got us thinking about how we could better serve our clients and guess what? With virtual training there is no excuse not to keep your training appointments. You can train from the comfort of your home or when you are traveling for business or pleasure.

How are you different from a regular trainer at a gym?

At Golden Oak Personal Training, we exclusively train older adults.  Our trainers hold degrees, nationally recognized certifications, and experience.  We are the experts on exercise and older adults.

What types of home fitness equipment do you recommend?

We can work with whatever equipment you have but we recommend having a sturdy chair, light and heavy pair of dumbbells and a resistance band.  If doing a virtual session, you'll also want to consider where you'll set up your phone, laptop, or tablet so you're trainer can see you throughout the workout.

How much space do I need to workout at home?

You'll need just enough space to move front, back, left and right.  You'll want to make sure you're not standing on or near a rug that can move.  Also, make sure your floor is free of any other tripping hazards.